Online Therapy Introduction to Online Therapy

What is Online Therapy?

Online Therapy is a great way to access counselling services online from anywhere in the world. Professional Clinical Psychologists Dr JC Coetzee and Rehan Crause offers Online Therapy Sessions for you to access from the comfort of your home or office at times that are convenient for you.

Online Therapy, also known as telehealth, e-counseling, teletherapy, e-therapy, telepsychology and cyber-counseling, is a modern way of connecting a therapist and a client via the internet.

Online Therapy is an approach that utilizes video conferencing technology to provide therapeutic interventions and mental health services across large distances in real-time. These services can be accessed from anywhere in the world where the client has a stable internet connection.

Online Therapy can also be accessed via any electronic device that supports video conferencing such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

How does Online Therapy Sessions work?

Email us to set up an Online Therapy session. Include in the email your time zone as well as suitable times for the Online Therapy sessions. Also indicate the counsellor you would like to engage for online therapy.

How are Online Therapy Sessions Structured?

Online Therapy Sessions can be structured as follows:

Session 1: Introduction to Online Therapy. Assessing concerns. Set initial treatment goals and treatment plan. Schedule the therapy frequency, dates and times.

Session 2: Refine treatment goals. Begin intervention techniques.

Session 3: Identify maintaining processes and continue intervention techniques.

Session 4: Continue interventions and techniques.

Session 5: Evaluate progress towards treatment goals. Continue intervention techniques focusing on identified obstacles such as resistance behaviours and cognitions.

Session 6: Relapse prevention. Reinforcing of new cognitions and behaviours.

Session 7: Discuss ending treatment and prepare maintaining changes.

Session 8: Termination of therapy. Scheduling follow up to assess the consistency of new behaviours and cognitions.

The above is a broad session structure outline and can be adapted to a clients particular needs.

How much does Online Therapy Sessions cost?

Online Therapy sessions with a registered Psychologist fall under Telehealth also known as Telepsychology and are covered by most medical aids. Medical aid patients are welcome to make use of Online Therapy Sessions to consult.

Online Therapy sessions are charged at R 900.00 per 40 to 50 min session. Online Therapy sessions are prepaid and sessions are confirmed when proof of payment is received via email. You can use the PayPal links to make payment. Electronic Fund Transfer can also be used as a method of payment. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

How long does Online Therapy Sessions take?

Live Online Video Counselling sessions are 40-50 minutes in duration. Longer sessions can be scheduled on request.

How many Online Therapy Sessions will I need?

The frequency of sessions can be decided between you and the counsellor. The number of sessions usually required to achieve notable change ranges from four to eight sessions.

When can I schedule Online Therapy Sessions?

Online Therapy Sessions can be scheduled at times that are convenient for you.

Online Therapy Sessions can be for you if:

1. You want to receive counselling from a particular counselor that does not live close to you. You can access Live Online Video Counselling with us from anywhere in the world.

2. Your schedule does not allow travel time to the offices of the therapist or counselor. You can save time and money through Live Online Video Counselling.

3. You are traveling and want to continue your counselling sessions you can make use of Live Online Video Counselling.

4. If you live abroad and are unable to travel to the counselor’s physical office. Live Online Video Counselling may be more comfortable as a form of counselling.

5. If you are unable to leave your home due to illness or disability Live Online Video Counselling sessions can still give you access to counselling.

6. If you feel uncomfortable to meet in person for face to face counselling and have sensitive issues to deal with in counselling. Live Online Video Counselling may be more comfortable as a form of counselling.

What do I need to know before I schedule an Online Therapy Session?

It is important to note that the video and audio quality of the Live Online Video Counselling/ Therapy sessions will depend on the stability of your internet connection and speed.

Some psychological assessments can also be done via Online Therapy Sessions.

Before engaging in Online Therapy Sessions familiarize yourself with our counsellor’s Christian worldview beliefs to make sure you understand our approach to online therapy.

Live Online Christian Video Counselling and Therapy

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